Portuguese Bible Institute

Who are we? 

We are inter-denominational Protestant Evangelical training institute forming the next generation of evangelical leaders and lay-leaders for churches in Portugal and abroad.  


Our ministry has several distinctive characteristics.

First, we are firmly grounded on the Word of God. Our goal is to train our students to accurately and adequately handle the Word of God in a way that is relevant to this day and age.

Second, we are a non-denominational Bible school. As such we serve the evangelical population in general. Our students come from different denominations and are enrolled in a variety of programs from one to four years. We train pastors, missionaries, lay leaders and people just interested in learning more about the Bible.

Third, we have both Portuguese professors and professors from numerous countries representing a variety of denominations serving together with a common goal.

Fourth, it is a night school, which means that students can work and provide for their needs while at the same time taking classes.

Fifth, we strive to adapt to the needs of the evangelical public in Portugal, which presently means that we have extended our program to reach beyond the walls of our main campus, through extension centers in local churches and a satellite school.

Multiple Locations

Besides our main campus near Lisbon, we also have a satellite school near Oporto and several extension centers held in various local churches around the country. We also have a Master's level program, which is a joint effort involving our school and the Baptist Seminary (also located in the Lisbon area).