Core Values

The following core values are the guiding principles under which EEA functions. They are inherent in every aspect of EEA and provide a foundation for ministry.

Scriptural Foundation
The Bible is the yardstick we use to objectively comply with God's stated and written will.
Kingdom and Missiological Perspective
We are servants seeking first the interest of God's Kingdom above our local, temporary or situational conditions and strive to think and act globally in an attempt to reach the ends of the earth with the Gospel.
Pastoral and Ethical Care
What we do through education must be properly conveyed with a correct pastoral and ethical approach while building sound individual and social relationships.
Academic Excellence
We promote high standards of academic and quality performance knowing that a sharp mind is an essential part of a truly motivated person.
The harmonious example of fellowship and effective redemptive achievements within the Trinity compels us to work in team contexts for mutual support, trust and sustainable results.
Inter-denominational Partnerships
We value mutual respect and understanding across all Christian denominations and, whenever possible, choose strategic alliances and synergistic cooperation with local churches and Christian organizations as a means to more effectively accomplish God's will.
Cultural Relevance
Understanding Portuguese history, contemporary culture, and legitimate expectations remains both our interest and a desired way to interact with fellow citizens.
Leadership that Multiplies
We value and train leaders, who blend good character with focused determination, to train others. We encourage an environment which influences, motivates, and enables leaders to fulfill their role within healthy churches and Christian organizations, thus leading to the fruitful multiplication of servants, resources, and ministries.